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"Jewson's" Old Site, Broad Street

jewsons site

New Photos! (Mid-April 1999)

Ah - ha! "They" must have heard that the "All Seeing Ely Eye" was on the case as they have tried to keep us away by boarding and padlocking the site, which is part of the Riverside Development Plan.

swimming pool

However hard you try..
You cannot stop "the Ely Eye"...

We poked our camera through the hole in the gate to bring you this view of the old Jewsons site taken mid-April 1999 - the Maltings can be seen to the left.  The river is just beyond the trees in the distance. Some sort of tree-lined walkway leading through this area from the river, across Broad Street (where the photographer is standing), and up though Cherry Park, and on to the Cathedral has been mooted.

cherry park

So that's - go though the new tree-lined walkway on the old Jewson's site; turn round from the place where the above photo was taken; cross Broad Street maybe via some over-road walkway; and wander up through the beautiful Cherry Park on to.............

......The Cathedral, here seen from Cherry Park in this new photo taken on 28th April 1999.....

You have just taken the Ely On-Line virtual Millennium Walkway....but will it happen in reality? Or will the area also be covered in houses - the district council's preferred option?

If not, this virtual version of what might have been will serve as a reminder of what might have been......

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