The Changing Face of Ely.

The Riverside Development

The big one. The issue of what this land is to be used for has been a topic of argument and discussion for months, perhaps years now. Basically, the area below is to be covered in houses.

Nothing has changed since our first visit in early March.

riverside First Visit - Early March  1999

The site of the proposed Riverside development. We are looking  from Broad Street down towards the river which is just beyond the buildings in the distance. As you can see, the area has already been flattened and cleared ready for construction to begin.

riverside We now look from the site of the proposed development back towards Broad Street and the Cathedral.
cathedral Possibly the best view of the Cathedral to be had anywhere? I am standing right in the middle of the proposed development looking over Broad Street and up to the Cathedral.

The New Skateboard Park - Now Open! The New Swimming Pool
The City Centre Development Lynn Road/Downham Road
The Old Jewson Site - New! First Page

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