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Hello, I have no idea if you accept these sort of things but here you are anyway. if its a bit short let me know and I'll improve it. If you can't use it also let me know and I'll probably try something else. You will get sick of it in the end and stick something up just to keep me quiet.
Best wishes Chris

My apologies people of Ely. More sincerely perhaps are my apologize to all those who ventured the cold on Millennium eve to stand by the Cathedral either to hear the bells or to be close to God should the world fall apart. Anyway I apologize to those people for the behaviour of both myself and my esteemed colleague. My companion in the madness was responsible for the sight of two over worked, over weight and over egged gentleman hurtling down the gallery as if the hounds of hell pursued them. My colleague is as charming and quiet a man as ever walked the earth, it was his notion to be "by a big clock" as the millennium turned from old to new. The Cathedral obviously satisfies that requirement and so we agreed to meet as the last minutes of 1999 ticked away.
This would have come to pass, however we had an idea; reenact the famous quad scene from Chariots of Fire but around the Cathedral. A work of genius we thought, a race around a building founded before the old millennium had even began. We had unfortunately failed to take into account several key points, points that now seem obvious to everyone. The distance around the Cathedral is we think about 1000m give or take my appalling sense of distance, the time allowed by the Cathedral bells is we now know 35ish seconds (my grasp of time is almost as bad as my grasp of distance). Clever members of our party have since worked out that we would have to be capable of a two minute mile, to be able to accomplish our hearts desire. This would pose a problem to a world class athlete. Let alone two tubby, ageing gentlemen of a sedentary disposition. Needless to say we failed. However there is always next year, we hope to see you there.

Here's a good topic for debate - been much on my mind, this has, over the past 2 or 3 years.

How come Ely has been attracting such rubbish shops lately. This place Peacock's for instance, its exactly the same as that shop that took over Brands old premises. How come we can't attract a decent clothing outlet rather than these two bit operations. AND why is it that we've got no less than 3 of these bloody awful 'coloured boxes piled up outside selling tat inside' type establishments? How many coloured boxes and cheap immitation J cloths can the people of Ely buy? Eh? Eh! What's going on? We deserve better than this surely? Excellent web site though but

Best Regards

Rich Hunter. hunter@gatwick.Geco-Prakla.slb.com

Hello - My husband and I moved to Sutton two years ago and now own Trinity Farm at 39 The Row. We are interested in tracing the history of the house as it is almost 300 years old now.

We know that a Mr Bert Markwell lived at the farm around the turn of this century. He was the regional coal merchant and supplied coal to the local areas with his shire horses. After his death, we believe that his wife moved from the farm.

Do you know of any details and/or previous history? Although my husband and I are fairly "level headed" folk (husband is a Yorkshireman) we have had some fairly unusual occurances at the farm such as neighbours and family members "seeing people" who aren't actually there. I don't think there is a psychological difficutly amongst all of these fine people so would like to know more!!!

Many thanks for your appreciated efforts! Pam Osborne GR1MP@aol.com

From: Nigel & Julie Telford peanuts@nigelt.freeserve.co.uk
Date: 07 September 1999

Like the web site. Now we are living in Preston (Lancs) its good to be able to keep in touch with local events. Regards -

Nigel & Julie Telford peanuts@nigelt.freeserve.co.uk

From: Geoff Prior Geoffrey.prior@net.ntl.com
Date: 14 August 1999
Subject: Where are you now?

My name is Geoff.Prior I was born in Ely in1938 and lived in Nutholt Lane. I went to the Primary School in Market Street during the War and from there to Silver Street School until I was 11 from there to Needhams School on Back Hill. When I left school I worked at Reeders the Butchers in West End. At the age of 17 I joined the RAF and was in that until 1959 when I came out and went to work at F.A.Standens in the office. I married in 1960 to Mary Broadwater who's Father was the Rev.W.C.Broadwater at the Countess of Huntingdon Church. We had many social groups at the Church including a good youth club in the late 50's early 60's and we would like to trace anyone who new us in those days. I would like to know of any school friends who knew me then. Perhaps we could catch up on life as its so short. I have recently been back to Ely and have met a few old friends. Don't like what they've done to Ely much but that's another story. I see names of people who I remember but I think they are perhaps their children especially in the Email.

Regards Geoff. & Mary Prior, Guildford, Surrey. Geoffrey.prior@net.ntl.com

From: Julie Couttie Jools132@aol.com
Date: 15 August 1999
Subject: Kindertransport - Jewish evacuees

I am researching the Kindertransport Movement who organised safe evacuation of children from Nazi Germany and other countries before & during the war. I know evacuees stayed in Ely and surrounding areas and I am trying to find families who took in an evacuee or perhaps you knew someone who was staying with a family. I am also looking for information about the Jewish Free School in Ely at that time. Thank you in anticipation. Please mail me on jools132@aol.com - Julie Couttie.

From: Britt59999@cs.com
Received: 1st August 1999
I also lived in England in 1974-1975. I worked at the base petrol station at RAF Lakenheath and my X-Husband was stationed at RAF Mildenhall. I was very young. I am so glad that my impressionable years were spent in East Anglia. First we lived in Ingham close to Bury St. Edmonds. Then we moved on Manor Rd. in Brandon. So many great memories. Suffolk is very beautiful. My memories of Ely were transferring trains to Shipey Hill. Although many times it was very cold standing on the train platform--with a view like that it was worth it. I now think that the cold air hitting my face compliments the memory.

From: Bob B browe2@webtv.net
Received: 31st March 1999.
Very interesting web site. Really enjoyed it. Spent some very good times in & around Ely in 1954-55 while at RAF Station Lakenheath with USAF. Would very much like to re-establish communication with a friend named Shirley Youngman who lived at 58 New Barns Ave. or Freddie who operated the Rose & Crown & also operated a taxi service. I realize it has been many years but there might be possible ways if they are still alive. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

I have been going back through my scrap books & found a business card of interest. It is for taxi service in Ely. on the face of the card it has : tel.: Ely 2013, day and night service---distance no object . F.J.Parr, Rose & Crown, Ely. There is a picture of his taxi with licsene # DEB 311 on the front bumper. There is a hand written note on the rear of card ( Freddies Taxis ) ( when closed please ring door bell. This would have been in Dec 1954--1955. Shirley Youngman lived at 58 New Barns Ave. I used to drink with her Dad & Brother at the Pub. Could you help me make contact with someone in Ely who could or would check on these old friends if they are any of them around? Bob B.

From: Nigel Wood Nicholl.Wood@btinternet.com
Received: 8th February 1999.

We've just moved to Quanea Farm near Stuntney on one of the many islands (ea's) surrounding Ely UK. This location has been inhabited for 1000 years or more and we'd like to investigate who lived here, what they did and when. We're aware of Greens very recently, a John Morton in 1916, a Tom Cox in 1927, a long relationship with Ely Cathedral (until the late 19th C we think) and at this stage not much else. If anyone is working on Ely family history and has come across this location please send us an email and we'll try and put together the bigger picture. Nigel Wood Nicholl.Wood@btinternet.com

From: George Engroff George_Engroff-EGE004@email.mot.com
Received: 29th January 1999.

Hello, I was hoping you may be of some assistance in locating a dear friend of mine who I know resided in Sutton as of 1993. Could you please give me any information? The name and address is: Liz Graves, 1, Vermuyden Gardens, Sutton, NR. Ely, Cambridgeshire CBG 2QR U.K. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, George George_Engroff-EGE004@email.mot.com

From: Steve Edwards
Received: 11th January 1999.

I am seeking information, maps etc, with regard to the railway station in the period 1955 - 1965. To date I have had little luck. Can anyone point me in the direction of any help. Many thanks in advance. Steve Edwards Steve@slassociates.demon.co.uk

From: Rochelle Evenson
Received: 4th January 1999.

I am originally from Lakenheath, but moved to Peterborough when I was 5. I am now 29 and have been living in the U.S for 10 years, but I always will remember the drive from our house in Peterborough to my Nana`s in Lakenheath, we used to have a game of who could see Ely Cathedral first. I often think about the drive to nana`s house as she is now deceased I even remember sitting on the cannon when I was little, and we would stop to have a picnic there. Thankyou for a wonderful web page, you have reminded me of some wonderful and happy memories.

Sincerly Rochelle Evenson, Montana, USA.

From: Al Peserik
Received: 22nd December 1998.

Hi there, About 42 years ago I lived with a Spencer Family that lived on I believe Spencer St. in Ely. Do you happen to know if any of the younger Spencers still live there? If you can help without putting yourself out too much any information you have would be great. Al Peserik aldean@lakefield.net

From: Christine Goodman
Received: 13th December 1998.

I have found this site by chance while surfing on the net, I havent lived in Ely since 1975, but I still have family there and get news of whats happening, but this site keeps me up to date with events in the city. We now live in America, quite away from my native hometown, so this is a good link back to the past. I would like to comment on the article about the Needhams foundation, the date of moving to Downham Road site is incorrect. Needhams school did not move to Downham Road in the 1950's as I was in the second year of my senior schooling when we moved into the new site, this would be September 1969. We were all housed in the St Marys Street site until then. I have many fond memories of the school, which I finally left in 1973. Do they have school reunions? Over here they have reunions every 10 years then milestone anniversaries like 25, 50 years down the line. Thats a tradition that I think we should adopt in the UK. It would be nice to to do something at the end of the final year, instead of just leaving after the last exam. They have a graduation from High School and a big party for those in that last year. Marking the end of the school life and moving on to the adult world of work/college, rather a neat concept. Well it was nice writing to you. I'll keep looking on the web site for updates on my hometown no matter where I live Ely is still home to me.

From: Ken Hall
Received: 30th November 1998.

My family and I had the pleasure to live in your fair city from 1992-1996 while I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall. I was thrilled at finding your web site. It is the next best thing to being back there. There is not a week that goes by that I don't think of my stay there. The people of Ely were the Best. My children went to your school and took part in your social activities. I feel they are now better off for it. I still feel as though my English friends are the best in the world. I thank your entire city for how you treated my family. Ken Hall, Las Vegas, Nevada

From: Julie Claydon
Received: 26th November 1998.

Hello! I am researching the surname OLIVER. I have a female OLIVER ancestor (I don't know her name) who (I believe) was briefly married to Oliver Cromwell. Other members of my family have mentioned this but I don't have any details. I do remember that they were only married a brief time and then she died. It was a childless marriage. Do you have a way to check and see if you have any information on the above? My 7th gr-grandfather was Captain Robert Oliver who was an officer in Cromwell's army for the reduction of Ireland in 1649. Thanks! Julie Claydon, Medford, Oregon USA claydon@internetcds.com

From: Mike Tolson
Received: 26th November 1998.

Hello, My name is Mike Tolson. I lived at White Gates, Quanea Drove, until 2 years ago. Now I live in Wyoming. I'm trying to get an email address for Matt and Elizabeth Payne who live in Ely or the surrounding area. I know that Matt works at RAF Mildenhall at attend church at St Etheldreda Catholic church. Can You help me? My email address is tolsond@tctwest.net

From: Bill Haynes
Received: 24th November 1998.

Dear Mr Lee, I wish to thank you for your superb internet site listing the worship events for December. I reviewed the site last year at this time and it dramatically improved and a delight to read.  My thanks to you and the people who made this site complementary to the wonderful Cathedral that is Ely. Sincerely, Bill Haynes. Murfreesboro, USA

From: Brian Watson
Received: 24th November 1998.

Hi Lee, Having had my PC comprehensively repaired and rebuilt following a monstrous system crash, I can now resume duties as the Sutton Correspondent (if there's a vacancy). In the mean time, could you post a copy of this to the Letters Page as I've had an enquiry from a Jean-Philipe Maes, newly moved to Sutton, but the e-mail address he quoted doesn't work when I try to send him replies to his queries. Thank a lot. Brian Watson brian@spheroid.demon.co.uk

From: Gloria Gonzalez
Received: 14th October 1998.

We visited your lovely town last summer and it is a joy to check your web site and see your pictures! Thanks so much for doing this. The cathedral is the most beautiful one we visited in 3 weeks of traveling around England. We hope to come back. Gloria Gonzalez, Pensacola, Florida.

From: Emilie Bush
Received: 8th October 1998.

I am looking for information on a window that I believe is living at Ely's Stained glass museum. It is mostly clear glass and is a knotwork look to it. Three circles, one above the next, with lines criss-crossing it. Inside the circle is colored glass. What I really want to know is the size of the window. How big is it? Emilie P. Bush <Emitoneb@hotmail.com Atlanta GA, USA.

From: Ivan Judd
Received: 8th October 1998.

Recently Lee Gillett has sent me a picture of Broad Street, taken we think prior to 1933. My Grandfather was born in Broad Street, Ely in 1875 and I just wondered if anyone out there with Ely contacts has any earlier pictures of Broad Street that they could scan and Email me. Costs will be covered by me by arrangement. Thanks in anticipation Mr Ivan JUDD ivan@reaction.demon.co.uk

From: Richard Ludman
Received: 2nd October 1998.

Good to read about the fen country. I was born in March, but my father was from Haddenham. I believe I still have relatives in or near Haddenham , although the name would be spelt Ludman (It was changed on my fathers birth certificate in 1899 ) I emigrated to Australia in 1968, and last visited Ely in 1977. I would love to hear from any of my old friends and relatives in the region. Richard Ludmon <dludmon@geelong.starway.net.au Winchelsea, Australia.

From: Mick Badcock
Received: Thursday 17th September 1998.

We'd just like to wish everybody starting their A-levels this year good luck. Especially if you are at Ely Sixth Form Centre as you're going to need it!

From: Peter Owen
Received: Monday 7th September 1998.

Just a note to say "Thank you" for the information packet which arrived today. We are looking forward to visiting Ely very much. Thanks once more, best wishes, Peter Owen

From: Julia Harrison
Received: Tuesday 1st September 1998.

Found your site and the suggestion of a gossip column made me laugh!! good old Ely still the same. We moved from Ely 5 years ago and now live in the U.S. We still have a place in town, ties we don't want to break etc. It is good to see you on the web! Julie Harrison

Dear Sir, A long shot but you may be able to help me. I am trying to find the name and the location of a charity ball that was held in Ely on or around the 31st October 97. Unfortunately I have no other details but hopefully you may have some record of this ball in your archives.

Any help is much appreciated. Yours faithfully, Stuart May smay01@globalnet.co.uk

More Praise!
Received 18.8.98.

Dear Lee,

My name is Mette Bundgaard, and I am a Sub-Editor for AND publishers in Oxford. I am currently working on a guide to city walks in Britain, and I was browsing the Net looking for information on Ely when I came across your site. Can I say what a pleasure it is to come across a site that is so well-organised and full of information - there are many much bigger places in Britain that do not seem to have anything as good as this!!

All the best (and keep up the good work!)

Mette Bundgaard

From: John Rae and Susan Warth [thepedlar@msn.com]
date: 17th August 1998
John Cawthorn Warth

Our 11 year old son is a member of the St Andrews Cathedral School choir here in Sydney. He and the choir are in England currently on a 3 week tour. The choir will be singing in Ely Cathedral during the week of 24-30 August 1998. This is a great thrill to us as his great grandfather (on my wife's side of the family) was a choir boy at Ely Cathedral in the 1890's. His name was John Cawthorn Warth and he was born in 1885 and lived in Witchford. He emigrated to Australia in 1911. We are particularly interested in finding out information about the history of the choir as we have a reasonable amount of general information about the Warth side of the family but not much about grandfather's involvement in the choir. Our sons name is Christopher Rae. We have contacted my wife's father cousins wife, Phyllis Warth, who still lives in Witchford and she will catch up with Christopher during the week they are in Ely. Thank you for your assistance. John Rae and Susan Warth, Greenwich, Sydney, New South Wales,Australia.

"Tawdry Ardrey"!
Received 6th August 1998 from David Ardrey

We have been told that our last name, Ardrey, comes from Ely, and is derived from the word "Tawdry." Does anyone know anything. My E-Mail address is cardrey@juno.com Thank you.

Blowing Our Own Trumpet!
Received 6th August 1998

Dear Lee,
We were sorry to miss you in Ely, but we just wanted to thank you so very much for all you did for us in helping us arrange accommodation in Waterbeach. We had a lovely time - we went to Norwich, Ely, Great Yarmouth, Coventry, Rugby and Cambridge - even punted on the river. The boys wouldn't care if they never saw a castle or a church again, but never mind. They went to the Lotus Car Factory near Wymondham so that compensated.

You were very kind and helpful to us in answering all my many questions before we came. Thank you very much indeed. Regards, Bruce and Barbara Coe, New Zealand.

Blowing Our Own Trumpet Again!

Received 21st July 1998

Dear Lee Gillett: Thank you so much for your quick reply to my request. You and your Ely Tourist Information Center are certainly on the ball. I have never had such quick replies to my inquiries from anyone else. When one is as far away as I am it is necessary to get all ones 'ducks in a row' as soon as possible. I have not received the info pack from Ely yet - this takes time - but I did receive replies from the two B&B's in Queen Adelaide. Looking forward to touring around your area - by the way, we are extremely happy to note the market day is on the day we arrive, I have told my sister-in-law about our interesting British outdoor markets and she is looking forward to visiting some.

Thanks again.

Rosalyn Schrag

Subject: Former residents
Date: Sunday, May 10, 1998
From: Melinda Golden <angel777@cln.ntr.net

Asking for friends to chat with, long ago residents who now live in Orlando, Florida USA. I went to the local elementary school, and sister went to Palace School in 1973 -75. I shadowed the local veterinarian (at age 12). Mr. William Jackson was kind enough to take me on once in a while. I am very grateful for his kindness to this day, & I am in the healthcare field probably due to his influence. We had some friends who lived next to us in Ely with the surname of Oakes, on Merlin Dr. I would appreciate hearing about any of these people, and about what's going on there in town and we would love to visit someday! Melinda Golden

Subject: Cambridgeshire Regiment
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998
From: Lawman Dad <Lawmandad@aol.com

When I visited your site a few days ago, I thought I saw something about the Cambridgeshire Regiment And the fact that the drums had been returned from Singapore.My brother, who is still living, was capture at Singapore and was an unwilling guest of the Japanese for many years , would be very interested in anything about the regiment. I last lived in Ely in 1950.Sorry to hear about your rain. In California it was up in the 80's today. Donald Beezley "LAWMANDAD@AOL.COM"

Ann Chandler Monday, April 27th, 1998

Hi - Me again. I suppose I agree with you to a degree but what exactly has been proposed to the council planning dept as far as tourism facilities are concerned? We have in Ely , a cinema which runs out of the Maltings part-time, a half built bowling alley, and not a lot else!! Granted, the Cathedral is the prime attraction in Ely and a beautiful place not to be missed but how long, on average do visitors spend there 1-4 hrs maybe? Then what? In the surrounding environs of Ely ,we have a lot of wetland which provides many different activities for wildlife and watersport enthusiasts but this involves the need for transport which is again very hit & miss and late night transport is obsolete. Taxis have to be booked about a week in advance [slight exaggeration!!] and parking in Ely is limited. I know Ely is a small place and, coming from a big city [Edinburgh] it is a bit of a culture shock but there is great potential for this "city" and it is spoiled by vacant premises on Lynn Rd, Broad St and The Mews in the market square to name just a few. As far as I can see there needs to be a whole lot more thought put into using these vacant sites for tourism and attracting a wider range of tourist, not just historians and architect-freaks,twitchers and surfers but families and groups of YOUNG people! Otherwise we may as well build housing and then the people who move in to them will soon scream out for something to do in Ely anyway. If you want to avoid becoming just another suburb of Cambridge, DO SOMETHING NOW!!! Ann Chandler Monday, April 27th, 1998

Lee Gillett 20th April 1998.

Yes the site has been derelict for a while but that is still no reason to put housing there in my opinion! As I am in the business of promoting Ely as I tourist attraction, I would be happier if this historic area was used for that purpose, rather than boring houses - there is housebuilding going on elsewhere in Ely. With a little imagination, the area could be used to great effect for the promotion of tourism. Yes I know Ely still closes on Tuesday afternoons but perhaps that is part of its attraction in a strange way! - only the shops close not the Riverside or the Cathedral etc. I think the whole of Ely needs to wake up to the potential here for expanding tourism which will bring money to the city - the basics are there - the Cathedral being the main attraction. I know from running this web site that the interest in Ely is there throughout the world and the people WILL COME no matter what we do! We may as well prepare for it and take advantage of it! Lee Gillett 20th April 1998.

Ann Chandler Sunday, April 19, 1998

]Dear Sir, I am not sure why you are so opposed to the proposed development of the Broad St site for housing. The land has been a derelict site for the four years that I have lived in Ely. It seems to me that housing is as good a use as any and abundantly better than a big gaping eyesore which it is at the moment! At the same time, I am not sure what other uses for the site have been put forward. Tourism attractions seem a bit optimistic for a "city" which still closes on a Tuesday...in 1998!!! Yours Ann Chandler Sunday, April 19, 1998

Subject: Bishop of Ely
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998
From: jaypee@netidea.com

My late husband, Michael Salter Price, born 1936 quite often mentioned that his paternal Grandfather was Bishop of Ely. My husband's father, Christopher Salter Price, was born around the beginning of the centrury. Does anyone know of a Bishop of Ely with the name Salter Price, or Price? June Price

From: Sarah Chapman uncsara@ibm.net
Date: Monday 20th April 1998

I am a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA). In my Castles and Cathedrals of Medieval England class, we are studying Ely (one of one seven cathedrals we studied). I fell in love with the the Cathedral. Thank you for the wonderful web site, I love to look at the wonderful pictures. Our professor challenged us with a specific question he could not find out. He described the seats in the choir as flipping up to reveal carved figures on the back. He even had slides of some. One of the slides was of a monster/demon figure bending over backwards and "looking at one's hind region" as one leaned against the seat. Our professor confessed he did not know who this "mythological" figure could be, or if there was a story behind this seat. He hinted at great opportunities in extra credit if any of the students could find the answer

Do you know, or perhaps have an idea of where I could go to find out?

Thank you for your assistance,  Sarah Chapman uncsara@ibm.net

From: Tom Wilkinson TEW2416@aol.com
Date: Wednesday 1st April 1998

Subject: Turnpike Road.

Greetings! Firstly, I visited Ely for one day 3 years ago, and I was very impressed and fully intend to visit again someday. While there, I walked to the train station and on the side of the road, across from the station, there was a small marker with the inscription: Boundary of Turnpike Road Ely Wilkinson 1850. Since my last name is Wilkinson, I was very curious about this. I have found no place names in England named Wilkinson, nor have I been able to find any information about this turnpike. I am hoping that someone associated with this site may be able to shed some light on this for me. If so, I await your reply. I have visited many web sites for towns in England and yours is among the best. Keep up the good work. I particularly like the "surrounding villages" section. This is an excellent and thoughtful addition and other sites do not have this feature.

Warmest Regards,   Tom Wilkinson TEW2416@aol.com

Just wanted to say thank you for producing such a terrifc web page. It allows me to keep in touch with my ancestral home, I have lived in the US for 25 years, and also to get in touch with old school friends who I have not seen for over 30 years! Neaxt time you are in the Prince Albert tell Geoff. Burrows to buy you a pint on me.

Regards John Wright, Milford Massachussets USA.

From: Norma Allen
Date: Tuesday 10th February 1998

Subject: More Houses For Ely?

Hi, Ely,

So the plan is more houses in Ely, this time in the centre, on land which, I understand, was given to East Cambridgeshire District Council in exchange for land on the outskirts of the city. Does this mean the council knows something which the rest of us, so far, do not? Is there is going to be a big influx of business to accommodate all these extra people wanting to find work locally? Or is the idea that people should commute to Cambridge etc? With this in mind I suppose that it is a good position for the railway station if people are prepared to leave their cars at home. Since so many Ely shops are closing down we have to go to Cambridge anyway.
Has the council thought this through? More houses, more people, presumably more children eventually becoming the dreaded teenager. Now what do we do with more teenagers on the streets of Ely causing trouble because there is nothing else for them to do. I admit that there is a part time cinema for them and when they reach 18 years old, several pubs. We need entertainment facilities in the centre for ALL not more houses and less parking spaces.

Ely is a lovely city with the river and a beautiful Cathedral but it needs more diversity to prevent it from becoming a dormitory town. At least there will be a bowling alley eventually when it is finished - a pity that it is being built on the outskirts of the city.

Why was the proposed plan on show at Ely Museum for only 2 brief afternoons? I am sure that many more people would have liked the chance to see it and make their feelings known.

Please ECDC, find out what Ely (and village) residents want before building yet more houses.

Norma Allen

From: Brian Watson
Date: Tuesday 10th February 1998

Subject: Use For Old Tesco's Site

Following up on the piece in the letters page from Alice and Marian of Neaves and Neat, I would like to agree that housing is not the best use for the old Tesco site in Ely. The constant drip of complaint in the local media is that Ely lacks social amenities for one age group or another, so what I would like to propose is a social "drop in" centre with facilities to appeal across the age ranges. It is a large enough site to allow provision for some internal "zoning" (that's jargon for rooms, halls and open areas designed for particular activities) to appeal to those who want to sit and talk without particular pressure to spend money. I would anticipate (perhaps) a central refreshments counter, staffed by real people rather than relying on those ubiquitous drinks dispensers. And before the other restaurants in the town and places such as the sports centre start thinking that their clientelle are being tempted away by this, I am suggesting that this facility might particularly appeal to those who do not spend, or spend as much, as the existing facilities find economic to make provision for.
In terms of on-going costs running, rather than selling off, part of the site for car parking would provide some income and surely such a pioneering facility would be an attractive prospect for external funding from organisations concerned with youth work, support for the elderly, and other agencies established to support community initiatives.

Has Ely got the creativity for such a scheme?

From: ANea380@aol.com
Date: Thursday 26th February 1998

Subject: Broad Street Development

We have been looking at the plans for the Broad Street development and as we are based in Broad Street are very interested in them. We feel that the planning brief given by ECDC to Derek Latham Associates is flawed. The Tesco site was given to the District for the benefit of residents of East Cambs. Surely a better use (other than housing) could be considered for such a prestigeous area ? In what way will current residents of East Cambs benefit from additional houses without additional amenities ? We would suggest a leisure use and/or landscape.

The proposed plans have some merit but the lack of car parking on the site will surely cause problems for residents existing and new, plus visitors to Ely. We would be interested to know what others think! Alice and Marian at Neaves & Neat

From: Angela Cookson, Ely.

Visitors to Ely and inhabitants alike should make the most of the peace and tranquility they now enjoy along the river side, the feeling of space, the sound of the birds and ducks waddling along unhurriedly without fear and the unblocked visual beauty of the cathedral standing there so magestically because if the Council have their way, all this will soon be gone.

If the Broad Street redevelopment scheme gets underway with 150 houses i.e.approx 400 people living in close proximity with all their cars to boot, you can forget about this city being a much envied beauty spot. As if enough houses aren't already being built on the outskirts of Ely. The Council seems to have overlooked tha fact that Tesco's gave their old site to the people of Ely, so do the people of Ely want this chunk or urbanization built there and how is it going to benefit them? As far as I can see, the only ones to benefit will be the Council, by lining their own pockets. Do you want them to go ahead and steal your rights for which you pay them Council tax? It's no use complaining when the diggers start tearing the ground to bits, you've got to act NOW to stop this horrible project ruining Ely's little haven for ever.

Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998
From: "Linda J. Hawley" <"HawleyRN "@aol.com
Reply-To: HawleyRN@ns2.uta.edu
Subject: Ancestors at Outwell

My family will be travelling to East Anglia on holiday July,1998. We are interested in locating information about the following families - Wright, Beaupre, Wing and Page who resided in Outwell area in the 1500's. Is there some one who might provide us with information prior to our trip. We are very interested in travelling to the communities that these families were from and talking with archivists. Reply-To: HawleyRN@ns2.uta.edu

Field Required
Date: Fri, 6th Feb 1998
I move to Ely in April, I need to rent a field & stable for my pony (12.2hh mare). Does anyone know of a livery yard in Ely or a local farmer who would be willing to let his field. If you can help please e-mail me. natalie.rendell@camcon.co.uk

Subject: Thank you!
Date: Fri, 09 Jan 98
From: "coe" <coebb@dynamite.com.au
To: "UK - Ely" <ely@gmm.co.uk

I would like to register with you our particular thanks to Lee Gillett who has been absolutely WONDERFUL in helping us arrange our stay in Cambridgeshire next June. He has been reliable, efficient and friendly and we are very grateful for his help. We have now booked our stay and are looking forward to seeing your area. Lee has made the planning so much easier for us and I've really enjoyed our conversations over the e-mail!  Many thanks indeed. Lee is a great advertisement for your region. Yours sincerely,  Barbara and Bruce Coe, Canberra, Australia.

Subject: Cheers
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997
From: Runciman <Runciman@aol.com
Organization: AOL (http://www.aol.com)

Hello folks Victoria Runciman and Robert McMillan here, just wanted to say excellent pic' s of Ely, we miss it !!!. Keep up the bloody good work.  Toddle PiP from Charleston South Carolina USA. P.S. Happy New Year. PPS can you put some pic's of Little Downham in next time. Cheers.

From: "Pat" <william@northlink.com
Subject: Hello Ely
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997

My name is Pat Brostrom I was born & raised in Soham. Most of my family still live there. I was home this year for a short stay & enjoyed it as always. We visited Ely while there. I now live in Arizona if anyone knows me my maided name was Barrett send me a e-mail Bye for now.Pat.

From: Max574@aol.com
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997
Subject: tourist info about ely

Dear all,  love the ely on line page, its good to have some links with home even though i have moved a couple of thousand miles away, any how im comming back home next year and i about to start hunting out ancestors namely Hereward the Wake, to you have any info on his haunts, buriel place etc yours with great respect Simon Robert Wake 96 pilgrim road, Bpt, Connecticut, USA. 06610

From: "Norman Williams" <cknorm@gte.net
Subject: Sir Richard Williams alias Sir Richard Cromwell
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997

I recently discovered that my ancestor was Sir Richard Williams who was knighted by King Henry VIII and was the high sheriff of Cambridgeshire. He was granted a nunnery which was called Hinchinbrooke and I believe is somewhere in the area. My ancestor in America was a Quakers who lived in Guilford County where the battle of Guilford Courthouse was fought beginning on his property. His name was also Richard Williams and his daughter was the mother of Levi Coffin who was the president of the underground railway and helped to free over 3000 slaves before the Civil War in America. I am writing a book and have found out a lot about my ancestors in this country but I would like to find out more about my English ancestors. Sir Richards father was Morgan Williams who came with King Henry VII from Wales near Cardif. Please let me know where information is available. I am Norman J. Williams and my E-mail address is cknorm@gte.net. Thank you.

From: " Ely" <ely@gtii.com
To: <ely@gmm.co.uk
Subject: creger/welch
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997

Any information on John Creger (sp) who married Elizabeth Welch in Park co. Ind. mid. 1800.

I have found Ely -online a very interesting site on the Web. I came here (to this page) looking for some information about ghosts in Ely; specially one in King's School (a woman dressed in old, purple clothes). Please: if you have some information, don't forget to tell me. Thank you! Carmen Azpeitia <e071991603@abonados.cplus.es
Madrid, Spain - Friday, October 03, 1997.

Subject: Enjoyed a visit
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 97
From: "James Kane" <487KANE@classic.msn.com

In June 1986, we visited Ely Cathedral. It was awesome. Attended Evensong on a special day--anniversary of St. Etheldreda, I hope I spelled her name correctly. The choirs sang beautifully and the worship service toured the cathedral. We also enjoyed a meal nearby and a walk to the river. We hope to return this June, and enjoy more of Ely. Jane Kane.

Subject: Ely Web Site and Holy Relics
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997
From: "Edward Kay" <Edward.Kay@btinternet.com

Dear Gmm, Although I am not a resident of Ely (I actually live down the road in Soham), I use the train station every day, so when I "stumbled" onto your Ely site I was very interested indeed. Having gone through the site, I should say that I am very impressed with the layout and I would like to congratulate you on having created a well thought-out and easy to navigate site (I work in multimedia, so I am fully aware of the inherent problems).

I have one piece of information that might be added to your site (it might already be there, but I didn't see it). The Catholic Church in Egremont Street actually has a relic of St. Etheldreda - in the form of her hand. The Parish Priest, Father Laurie Locke, would I'm sure, be glad to help you with any information he has on the relic. Again, all the best with the site Edward Kay :-)

Subject: Old boy!
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 16:45:48 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ftreader@aol.com

Hey, I used to live in Ely - anyone/girl's know if there's an old boy's reunion at City of Ely College ? And whatever became of Sally Moran ? Nice to see the old Cath.still there, and is there honey still for tea (at the tea shop over the arch just before you reach the high street)?...Mike Booton.

Subject: Question about Grunty Fen
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 12:38:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: ChetV@aol.com

Dear Ely:

I am doing research for a book that relates in part to islands in the fens. I have two questions. First, are you familiar with any books that specifically discusses islands in the fens? And second, I'm very curious to know if there were any islands in Grunty Fen before the drainage. Do you know how I might be able to determine this? I would be most grateful for any assistance you could give me! Sincerely yours, Chet Van Duzer,12177 Winton Way, Los Altos Hills, CA 94024-6431 USA. tel: (650) 941-7411 fax: (650) 948-9472 E-MAIL ME

Subject: ely web page
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 14:09:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mandy1096@aol.com

Lived in ely for 7 years, now living in the US , love getting the webcam so I can keep up with pictures and news of Ely. Keep up the good work !

Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997
From: Peter Parsons <pparsons@younglife.ca
To: ely@gmm.co.uk

Hi there. I am looking for information on Giscard grandfather clocks. Let me explain. My grandfather Gordon Kingdon owned many clocks in his vicarage. One of these clocks was passed down to me by my father Timothy Parsons (Kingdon was his wife's maiden name). The clock is very old and was made in ELY. by W. Giscard (it is difficult to read the first initial so I am not sure if this is correct, but Giscard is correct). I would love to find out the history behind this clock which now sits in my living room gracefully chiming out the time. My father brought it over to Canada from England when he was 18. He had to take the clock apart in order to bring in over. Many years later and many more moves it was just recently passed on to me. I would love to find out more information on the history of Giscard clocks build in ELY. If you have any info regarding this I would appreciate it. Thanks again. Peter G. Parsons Gibsons, B.C. Canada. E-MAIL ME

Subject: Re: Ely On-Line
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 22:28:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Henry Knower <hknower@CapAccess.org

Do you happen to know anyone on line there I might contact about collections of letters in local history libraries I might be able to gain access to, I'd be grateful for a name and address. I'm loooking for surviving communications from indentured servants or tenants who left for the colonies between 1700 and 1780, and who settled on the mid-atlantic seaboard.......Thanks for your help. E-MAIL ME

Subject: Ely or St Davids
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:13:56 +0100
From: "Jon Tucker" <jon.tucker@kent.gov.uk

I enjoyed your website. It is particularly interesting for me because I started my career in East Cambridgeshire District Council in 1974. I think there have been a lot of changes. It's good to see the riverside opened up around the Maltings site. Anyway, the main reason for visiting is to settle an argument as to whether Ely or St Davids (Wales) is the smallest city in the UK. I guess you would claim this somewhere on your site if it were indeed the case .....I'll go and look in the AA book!  Jon Tucker

Subject: Ely's Jewish History
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 97 13:15:08 PDT
From: "ALAN.LUNIN" <ALAN.LUNIN@worldnet.att.net

Do you have any information on the history of the Jewish community in Ely in the Middle Ages? Are there any remnants of the Jewish Section? Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide. Alan Lunin, 4137 Derby Place, Oviedo, Florida 32765-7561.USA E-MAIL ME

From: Mark.Harris@camcon.co.uk E-MAIL ME

Writer seeks small, quiet/rural, semi- or fully furnished property to rent, within cycling distance of Ely. I want to finish my book off so the less distractions the better! I'm looking to spend £350pcm max. Leave a message on 0976 395516. Thanks a lot. Mark.

Subject: Cathedral Choir Date: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 From: Linda Delfs (ldelfs@mail.nysed.gov) E-MAIL ME

Hope this gets into your guestbook as I haven't done this before. Lovely picture this morning. I have a recording of the Cathedral choir from a way back, and they are as good as our own. Come to the Cathedral of All Saints, Albany, NY USA someday and hear for yourselves. Linda Delfs.

Hi my name is Mitch Chamberlain, I am trying to locate a family that I have known for a long time. We have lost contact with each other, due to me moving around a lot. Would it be possible for you to look them up Their names are Chris and Dave Marshall. The last address I have for them is Verena Quaena Dr. Stuntney, Ely, Cambs, CB7 5PJ. My online address is charlesc@theonramp.net and my new phone number is 805 258-4916 (yes the United States) and the street address is 502 Payne Ave. Edwards AFB, Ca. 93523. Thank You very much - and if you need anyone or anything looked up on this side of the word feel free to drop a line.

Very enjoyable to browse "The Ely Web Site " as both my brother and I went to The Kings circa "Wilkie the English Master" and Cricket Coach, Rodney who tried to drum history into our "eager minds" and "Gaucho" who imbued us with Maths. He got this name given to him by the "Boys" because of his bushey eyebrows. I forgetten his real name..so no offence is meant. But we rowed and skulled and had a great time at school. I loved the Cathdral and The School used to go there for some services. We also had "Compline " in the School Chapel on Sunday evenings which was relayed by microphone between the upstairs and the downstaris Chapels.. We probably never quite synchronized the singing, but it was "Happy Days". All the very best to the School and Ely. W.John Gibbs Stevenson. WJGSABBA@AOL.COM

To whom it may concern:   I happened to come across your web site while looking for information on Nell Gwynne. She's an ancesstress of mine, and very popular in family legend. Apparently she's rather famous across the ocean, as well. I am very interesting in obtaining, if possible, any and all available stories about her. I am including my mailing and emailing adresses. I realize that this is certainly an imposition, but I was so excited, I felt it was worth a try, even if you are unable to help me. Thank you for your help.  Sincerely, Rachel Gwyn Atwater-Rhodes 31 Adin Drive, Concord, MA 01742, USA. RaynMC@aol.com

I don't know if you can help me, but I'm trying to locate an old friend who used to be a speedway rider. His name is Eric Dugard and I'm sorry but I have no recollection of which team he rode for. I knew him in 1976 so I do not know if he is still riding. If you happen to know of him and could let me know where I could get in touch, I would appreciate it. My name, when I knew him was Peta Pillow. Thanking you in advance for any help you can give.PETAGAYLE CONNELL : chloe@InfoChan.COM.