Ely Folk Festival - A Review
By Johnny Glover & Lee Gillett
Pics by Karl Bedingfield & Lee Gillett

Flavour Of Sunday (by Lee Gillett)

OK - we've had the Friday Feeling, and now for the more family oriented Sunday Feeling.

I spent a nice afternoon with the kids around the Circus Workshop area and watching black-faced and other Morris dancers in action. We also managed to take in an excellent guitar and fiddle due called The Lorebreakers consisting of Norfolk brothers Shaun and Ben.

All in all an excellent weekend and I can only emphasise John's request that you attend this festival next year! It is a great event and one of which Ely can be proud! Enjoy the pics below.

Lee Gillett


blackfaced Morrisman folk horse
more morris men instruments
editor keeps the plates spinning Jade on the pole
John on the unicycle Kyan at the Circus tent
The Lorebreakers old folk van
Ben Lorebreaker Shaun Lorebreaker


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