Ely Cathedral

Also known as The Ship of the Fens, Ely Cathedral rises impressively from the the Ely hill and is seen for miles around like a shining beacon for the faithful and the faithless alike.


Hereward The Wake

Ely Skyline Pictures

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Ely Cathedral CB7 4DL

Built by William the Conqueror as a prominent outpost after the bloody and lengthy rebellion by Hereward The Wake, Ely Cathedral stands as a fine example of William's devotion to his Religion and to his overwhelming victory for the Heart's and Minds of that mixed of all races called the britons.

Less well known is that "The Lord Protector", OLIVER CROMWELL closed the Cathedral for 10 years, or thereabouts, due to a falling out with the local (Catholic) Clergy. Cromwell used it as a stable for his Calvary Horses!



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