Channel 4 's
in ELY..!

The Time Team are in Town..!
Channel 4's Tony Robinson and the Time Team is in Ely this week to explore the old "Woods/Jewsons" site...!

"This is a 20 week dig that will culminate in a TiME TEAM SPECIAL Broadcast on Channel 4 in spring of 2001"
Pictured left is the Channel 4 Film Crew who have been covering this important local research project which is being carried out by the Archaeological Unit based at the Cambridge University headed by team Leader Alison Dickson.

"ACTION" - The TiME TEAM in a hole, doing what they do best..!

TiME TEAM Producer Graham Dixon gave an sneak insight into the findings of the site.

So far we have discovered a Victorian Kiln or Oven along with the foundations of some 15th Century Homes...
Digging deeper we have discovered house remains dating back to the 12th Century and down towards the river we have found what we believe to be proof that boat building was carried out on the site...

This is a very important excavation and we hope to find that Saxon peoples were using the site before the Norman Conquest and maybe Romans before that.

We may even be lucky enough to discover Iron Age remnants like those found on the other side of Ely in the West Fen Area.

The Local Authorities have been very kind as to erect a "viewing platform" to enable the general public to observe the excavation along with pictures and background information.

The Site is protected by Closed Circuit Surveillance Cameras as earlier in the year the site was invaded by "renegade artefact hunters"..!

The Team are very excited by the finds so far and are hoping to discover far more as the project enters it's final month. It is due to finish midway through December 2000 when the information from the 20 week dig will be collated by the Cambridge University Archaeological Unit for release on their own website and The TiME TEAM's TV Special in Spring of 2001.