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Rodney Bilson Rodney came to see me with his collection of published poetry and asked for it to be included within the site. I agreed, and asked him if he could write something specifically about Ely - exclusively for Ely On-Line. He agreed, and therefore, I am proud to present to you all "My Cathedral Ely" by The People's Poet - Rodney Bilson, as well as all his other published prose....
Evil In Kosovo

Evil in Kosovo by a madman called President Milosevic.
This lunatic has no feelings for no-one,
He moves his gangsters into Kosovo to bring war and misery.
Many have had to move out of Kosovo,
President Milosevic has not got the guts to see what he has done,
He hides behind his gangsters to do his dirty work.
But one day he may see reason for what he has done and turns to God to forgive him.

My Cathedral Ely

Oh my Ely Cathedral, you have stood there from 1109.
Nothing can move you as you stand in your glory.
Cromwell closed the doors on you but now the doors are open.
Man, woman, young and old, they walk slowly into you.
Music is played in your glory.
Your nearest neighbour is Peterborough Cathedral,
You can see youselves on clear summer days.
You are big and strong and you are the third largest Cathedral in the country,
I can't say no more about you
But you know I have done my best
To write poetry for you, now I must go...Ely Cathedral.

Rodney Bilson - March 1999

My Self

I sit in my room and let the teardrops fall.
No one knows, nobody hears my call.
Dear God, hold me near and comfort me.
Help me now in my purpose here, the reason for my life. Give me some direction.
Release me from this evil.
Oh, the light, the sun, has shone at last,
depression finally gone. Despair has passed.

From "A Celebration of Poets" Showcase edition Published by The Poetry Guild.

What Man Has Done

Everywhere is beautiful now
Flowers blossom everywhere
They all play a part of the planet,
I just can't believe what man has done
To the planet now everything is gone.

From The Vanishing World
Published by Poetry Now
HB ISBN 1 86188 635 7
SB ISBN 1 86188 630 6

Rodney Bilson was born in Northampton, but now lives in Ely.

To contact Rodney: e-mail

Absent Friends

The friends that I lost far in time
Are like strangers to me,
I remember them
For they will always be with me,
Just in memory.
They will still be with me,
All I have lost, just as a memory.
What I have lost I will never meet again
This side of heaven in my time, by night or day.

From "Rhyme and Reason"
Published by Poetry Today ISBN 1862260060

One True Love

You're a lady, one true love, I've ever known.
To me, bells ring out and play,
Beauty that's round you, I take it with me
Wherever I go.
Why wait for a new day, one
True love I've ever known, bells ring out
Love, far away to distant waters that are
Round you far away,

From "Rhyme and Reason"
Published by Poetry Today ISBN 1862260060

My Hopes Have Gone

When autumn leaves turn red and gold
And pass by my window, the days grow so long and old. You left me when Autumn leaves fell,
So my hopes have gone.
My darling, I love you more and more,
As autumn leaves will fall.

From "Rhyme and Reason"
Published by Poetry Today ISBN 1862260060

The Last Leaf Of Summer

Love has drifted away like the last leaf of Summer on Autumn day
As it slowly falls to the river and is carried away, far away like love,
Memories new dreams so true of two Hearts as one,
Arms unwined like the forest vine as it climbs to the sky,
Where a Lark is singing full of joy
As it soars slowly slowly to the Sky,
Dreams broken as I awake to a morning so empty on that day.

Published by Forward Press

Endless Time

My days have gone, looking for you all the time
I can't believe you are gone
The love we had, yours and mine was endless like the Sun,
My days are long nights, lonely
Why did you have to leave me?
Seems an age since you were gone
They say time will heal don't think this is true
Without love from you
Cannot stop the tears that flow
Although I really try, because deep down inside me,
My thoughts are just for you every morning
When a new day dawns, it holds no pleasure for me,
But the shadows darken, to end the day,
Tears fall like rain,
I love you to the end of time.

Published by Forward Press

The Girl

She was my friend the girl
I often lie watching,
The summer breeze in her hair,
It made no difference
What day brought, sorrow or joy,
She always understood
With open arms I hurried to her side
I am eternal to you
Nothing can destroy how love,
I stroked her face,
Words came through the mist,
I took my love to her, onIy to find
Just a dream.

Published by Forward Press

I Miss You Diana

I miss you most when I'm sad, Diana
I want to share your love,
When the sun shines a perfect day,
When life is good,
When life is kind,
I miss you all the time, Diana.

From Diana Princess Of Wales
Published by Poetry Today - isbn 1862260591

After All A Dream

When I go back to find my Lily,
My true love Lily of the valley
Dream, dream together,
The quiet night was mine and yours alone, my Lily,
Of my own true love
Dawn was breaking as I was left alone
How I love to be just as
I am as joy will never end
My Lily.

From The International Library of Poetry - Awaken to A Dream

isbn 1-57553-181-x

Things Like Faith

How many words spoken on faith
To know that and it's contents,
Words unspoken that can't be true,
Time to stand beside a friend
When he or she is down,
Time to show someone you care for,
Faith is a precious thing,
Help me Lord my words on faith
Words kind and true,
Let me give my words that may be true in Faith.

Rodney Bilson - June 1999

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