Step back into Dark Age for a bit of pillage & plunder...

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Are you interested in plundering and pillaging? A group of history enthusiasts who like to re-live the dark ages are looking for you.Members of Grantanbrycg, a re-enactment society, relive the years 950 to 1066 AD with battles and living history sessions around the region.
The recently formed Ely branch are looking for new members with interest in the period, be they warriors or domestics. "We make our own clothes and equipment to a standard, and out of materials used at the time," said member Adrian Hudson.
"Members learn how to use weapons, such as axes and nine-foot spears if they can carry them. It`s combative but done safely. We`re very safety-orientated."

Anyone wanting to find out more should contact Adrian on (01353) 663968.