Over the years Ely has been visited by many historic heroes such as Hereward the Wake, William the Conqueror and perhaps her most famous of Elysians, Military Genius, Lord Protector and un-Crowned King, Oliver Cromwell

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Hereward The Wake

Ely Skyline Pictures

Thank you so much for the information on parking for the disabled. I was able to visit Ely yesterday and we had a lovely day there. We explored the Cathedral, had a guided tour and managed to get to the craft market. We also had an excellent meal at the Almondry. Many thanks. Mary B

Greetings to the staff at Ely Tourist Information Office
A special thank you to Michael for his prompt and helpful email and to the wonderful lady who telephoned with additional information about budget accommodation in Ely.
It had been quite a problem as the weekend we needed co-incided with the OU's Graduation ceremonies and half-term. We are delighted to say that with your help we have managed to get accommodation with Mrs Mortimer in Chapel Street. We look forward to receiving the information pack and to our stay in Ely in June.
Many thanks! Best wishes, Dorothy C

Considered one of the seven wonders of the medieval world, the Ely Cathedral is a definite must see destination. Stay nearby by renting accommodations in Cambridge. If you holiday during the summer here you can enjoy both the tranquility of the cathedral and some classic rock at the Cambridge Rock Festival.
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