A Personal Introduction By Anne deBondt

Hello, my name is Anne deBondt.

I am an American living near Ely and have been in England for over twenty years. It is a peculiarity that I have never lost my American twang, despite having lived here now for more years than I did in the states. And more importantly, I haven’t lost my intolerance of fools… or my fear of saying so.

After raising a brood of children it is a luxury to put my spare time into writing books (one published and working on another) and writing an article for the Ely Standard, Ely web site and now the spanking new Newmarket site.

Between speaking to friends, town folk and just living a life here in England, I am able to gather information on what is important or affecting the people in our area. Sometimes the stories take on a feeling of protest. And sometimes they are humorous.
Whichever, it’s a good way to get to know what the citizens of this area think.

Hope to find you here each week...
And don’t be afraid to voice an opinion… I’m not!

Anne deBondt

Good and bad things always happen suddenly for Kate. And her pending divorce is no different.

Kate a beautiful girl in her twenties with a fulfilling job finds it hard to come to terms with the unwanted dissolution of her marriage, after her husband of four years walked out on her. Kate has taken an emotional beating.

However, pulling herself together, trying to get the resemblance of a happy life back together again, she decides she must move to the cambridge office, where she makes good progress both proffesionally and personally. She learns to laugh again, to be whole, to trust and love, but at what cost.

Just when Kate believes she has it all, a man she loves and a comfortable lifestyle, fate strikes again, her whole life is once more thrown in to turmoil. She must return to the United States.

Will she ever be happy again, will she be able to overcome the unforgivable meddling of her mother in her life ?

Kate must first grow, only then can she find the love that has always being there for her.

Anne's Book is price @ £4.95 and is available from Ely Book Shops and Heffer's, Cambridge.

"Suddenly" by Anne DeBondt
A Review by Natalie Gillett

Suddenly is a light hearted, but sensitive look at Divorce and the problems that occur before, during and after. The book is easy to read with great twists and turns and an unpredictable ending..! I highly recommend this book especially for women that have "been there". Anne seems to have a great talent and I am looking forward to reading her next book.

"Suddenly" by Anne DeBondt
A Review by Bob Gilkes

SUDDENLY is unashamedly a woman's romance. Over-simply put, it is the story of a young woman's executive's search for true love in the late twentieth century. The author takes you inside the head, heart and the body of Kate, the heroine ( yes, heroine) as she navigates through several years of traumatic relationships with three men. The rest of her life swims past her like the view from the window of an express train. The author writes in a style that is reminiscent of the ebb and flow of a long conversation between two female friends -- like a conversation between Kate and herself as she makes this long journey. But like any good conversation, a listener can be swept up to join in, and most women will undoubtedly do just that. They will not worry about the absence of depth in the descriptions of Kate's work, home, friends, likes and dislikes. What they want to know is how she feels.
Anne deBondt accomplishes this with grace and skill and insight. But, before starting this unusual book, male readers need to know that the author is writing for women and that most men will not 'get it.' Pity: the effort is rewarding.

Bob Gilkes http://www.wingedlion.org

"Suddenly" by Anne DeBondt
A Review by J.W.Glover

The heart-strings have the unique ability to go 'Zing', but just as importantly they are apt to go 'Zong', like the doomy elongated chord of an especially slack bass string. And Kate, the heroine of Anne deBondt's novel 'Suddenly', has her heart-strings played with gusto by a trio of men. After her first setback (a messy divorce) she girded her twenty something loins together and made the decision to relocate her youthful (and almost undoubtedly) handsome butt to Cambridge, England. Not looking to change the world, not looking for a new England...just looking for another bloke.

Now, in these days of Argos style, money back if not satisfied marriages, do you know anyone who's been married more than ten years? I remember someone warning me; 'marry in haste, repent at your leisure', and although in my case I'm happy to report this is not proving to be the case, it is in Anne deBondt's closely observed account of her heroine Kate's struggle to recover from a failed marriage. We see her desolation and inability to comprehend how badly things had gone for her.

As Kate tiptoed through the minefield of her emotions I was reminded of an old public service advert. Remember those old British Gas safety adverts about what to do if you smell gas? As the lady returned home, laden down with shopping, you just knew there'd been a gas leak. And as, in super slo-mo, she reached for the light switch you saw her husband shout, 'Noooooooo!!!' in an effort to avoid the inevitable 'Kaboom!' Parts of Suddenly are like this. Just as Kate is approaching a stable part of her life she contrives her very own gas leak and finds a naked flame - just to keep things interesting. During a particularly bad decision involving Steve (the third of the trio and my favourite - I liked Steve) I found myself shouting 'Nooooooo!!' at the book, but she still went and made an unwise decision that ranks alongside the miners going on strike in the summer. Bad.

'Suddenly' drinks greedily from the Lexicon of Love (if you can drink from a dictionary) and I found myself captivated by the scenes of 'tenderness'. The late Auberon Waugh who presided over the 'Bad Sex' award would have had little to complain about in the scenes that follow Kate's rejuvenation as she teams up with new colleague Brian. Their lovemaking more than meets expectations and she begins to realise the truth; herself and Michael had obviously not been compatible. She's experiencing fulfilment for the first time. How many fleeting marriages come to grief for the same reason; why do people not realise that the person that they have met is Mr or Mrs Right?
Why do fools fall in love?

With emotions tearing Kate apart, she struggles to recover from a failed marriage, find love, cope with tragedy and acclimatise to her new surroundings when...Suddenly. Well, you'll have to read it to find out. I did.

Now Available from Ely Book Shops & Heffers, Cambridge..!
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