Ely Ancestor Search

Ely Ancestor Search

Do you have ancestors that originated in the Ely area that you are trying to trace? Try our free ancestor search service. Simply email your details to us and we will add them to this page to see if anyone local can provide any information.

Latest requests:

Added 8th June 2017:

Name: Melanie Walkenbach
E-Mail: melanie.walkenbach@web.de
Subject: Paul Steffen from Germany

Message: Hi there, my husband, Karl Walkenbach nee Steffen, is looking for the relatives of Paul Steffen, his uncle, who was a POW in Ely, stayed in town after the war, got married with at leas two kids and used to work as a butcher. His German family has lost contact to those relatives and tries to find them.


Added 17th May 2017:

Name: Carly Sandoe
E-Mail: cesandoe@gmail.com
Subject: Joseph Rushbrooke b 1799, Publican of the Cromwell Arms House

Message: Please contact me by email or Ancestry (username AncestryCESB) to connect. Joseph was born in Great Yarmouth and married thrice (with some children emigrating to America). He was the Publican of a brewery located in the Oliver Cromwell house during the 1840-1870s and died an inmate in the Ely Union Workhouse in 1879. I’m seeking information on his parents, possibly Joseph Rushbrook b 1776 (?) & Leah Dearsley b 1771 of Ashill, Norfolk.


Added 6th Feb. 2017:

Name: Holly Willits Peterson
E-Mail: holleypeterson@hotmail.com
Subject: Ancestor Search

Message: Hello, have recently learned we are descended from one Andrew Willets, b. 1562 in Ely – would anyone be familiar with this family? His son Richard emigrated to New Amsterdam where the name became Willits. Would appreciate any local information. Thank you!


Added 31st Dec. 2016:
Name: Kyrin singleton
E-Mail: kyrinsingleton@internet.com
Subject: Information about My paternal grandmother

Message: Can anyone help me. All I know is that my grandmother, Louise Loftus, was related to The Marquess of Ely. Her son was Guy Selby Singleton (deceased). She died in the 1940s.