AHF Park Road
“Competitively priced furniture available in both contemporary and traditional styles.”

“On the first floor of Beales Department Store in Westgate House you will find the AHF Park Road store.

Located just outside the Queen’s Gate Shopping Centre in heart of Peterborough, the AHF Park Road store has a grand selection of settees and carpets as well as a whole host of living and dining room furniture.

Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional styles, there are pieces to suit the tastes of all customers at your local AHF Furniture store.“

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Cambridge Organic Food Company
he Cambridge Organic Food Co. is at the heart of Cambridge’s organic food community. We represent nearly every organic farm that is local to Cambridge and have been delivering boxes of organic fruit and vegetables in Cambridge since 1998. We also supply produce to many independent organic, specialist and health food shops in the local area.

What makes us different?

We are central to the organic community of Cambridge and the surrounding area.

We regularly meet with the organic farmers whom we represent (and that is nearly all the organic farms within twenty miles of Cambridge).

We also supply produce to many independent organic, specialist and health food shops in the local area.

Most importantly, we get to meet all the members of our box scheme. You are, after all, a vital element of the organic system.

Cambridge Organic Food Company are the local vegetable people!

We’re the only veg box delivery service local to Cambridge who collects produce from lots of organic farms in the local area. We pack our veg boxes in Haslingfield just outside of Cambridge, and deliver them to homes in Cambridge and the villages and surrounding towns.

Cambridge Organic Food Company, the people who put you in control!

We believe our members should be able to decide how much control they want over what goes in their veg box. Our unique Choice veg boxes allow you to select the contents of your veg box each week. No one else offers this completely bespoke service.

If you’d prefer that we put together a great selection for you then we do that too. With our Favourites boxes we put together a lovely selection based around your likes and dislikes. If you’re happy to leave all the selection up to us then our Original Vegetable box is great value and as local as we can make it.

Let us tell you a little more about ourselves

Cambridge Organic Food Company are organic people!

We’re organically certified, which means we have annual inspections to prove that all our fresh produce is organic. We sell a big range of organic groceries as well, plus a few locally made groceries which aren’t certified as organic but are clearly labeled as such.

Cambridge Organic Food Company are green people!

We know that organic production is good for the environment – both for the wildlife in and around the fields in which the food is grown, and for the planet as a whole.
By prioritising local produce, we keep food miles to a minimum.
Our van fleet is going electric: the majority of our veg box delivery vans are now electric.
We save on packaging: we pack our veg in the empty boxes which some of our veg comes in – and we hope to re-use them as many times as we can, so please return them each week!

Cambridge Organic Food Company are Living Wage people!

We’re Living Wage accredited employers. We’re committed to paying our staff at least the Living Wage. In fact, we were the first food business to achieve accreditation in East Anglia, making us the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage Champion in 2015.

Cambridge Organic Food Company are helpful people!

If you have any questions, or experience any problems with ordering, please do get in touch. You can ring us on 01223 873300. Your call will almost certainly be answered by one of the management team who’ll be very keen to talk! If you prefer to email then you can use our contact page. We hope to answer your query as soon as we see it.

Cambridge Organic Food Company are people who love our food!

We really do like our veg: taste and quality matter to us. Have a look at our blog to see ever growing recipe ideas we’ve been cooking up.

We love to try new recipes too so – feel free to share your favourites with us!

Cambridge Organic Food Company
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Vintage Aviation
Prints and antiques inspired by the Golden Age of Aviation

Based in Ely Cambridgeshire, we sell an exclusive series of aviation prints reproduced from the original 1930s glass slides. Also available to purchase online are vintage Biggles books, luggage and antiques that are inspired by the Edwardian era, aviation and exploration
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