AHF Park Road
“Competitively priced furniture available in both contemporary and traditional styles.”

“On the first floor of Beales Department Store in Westgate House you will find the AHF Park Road store.

Located just outside the Queen’s Gate Shopping Centre in heart of Peterborough, the AHF Park Road store has a grand selection of settees and carpets as well as a whole host of living and dining room furniture.

Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional styles, there are pieces to suit the tastes of all customers at your local AHF Furniture store.“

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01733 752973
Vintage Aviation
Prints and antiques inspired by the Golden Age of Aviation

Based in Ely Cambridgeshire, we sell an exclusive series of aviation prints reproduced from the original 1930s glass slides. Also available to purchase online are vintage Biggles books, luggage and antiques that are inspired by the Edwardian era, aviation and exploration
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